These days people have gone crazy about putting tattoos on their bodies. One of the reason for the increasing popularity of tattoos is that it allows people to express their opinions, display their likes, and several other things. Portland in particular is an extremely popular area for tattoos. Portland is a great place for many things, including finding the highest quality cannabis dispensary, indulging in crazy vegan strip clubs, and even  getting any of your body parts tattooed. You can get a great variety of tattoos whether it be temporary or permanent. Not only this, there are some great tattoo artists in Portland, who will give you the best of work. Portland is often referred to as having a a massive hipster scene, and within that scene there is a very large appreciation for tattoos.

Because there are so many people in Portland who love tattoos, it is not very surprising there are a ton Portland tattoo studios, equipped with the best technology and equipment and of course extremely talented Portland tattoo artists. These artists, with the help of the equipment will provide you the best custom tattoo design that you you are sure to love.

Here is a quick overview of some the best Portland Tattoo Studios

This is one of the more famous Tattoo making shop in Portland which is known for its exceptional artistic work. The artist Joe Newsom is a talented artist with some great tattoo making qualities.

  • Icon Tattoo

This Portland tattoo studio provides great welcoming environment along with some fantastic tattoo designs provided by the owner, Melanie Nead and her other crew members. The work of a quality Portland tattoo studio is appreciated by tattoo fans worldwide and that is exactly why Icon Tattoo is on this list.

  • Lady Luck Tattoos

This is a full service tattoo studio which consists of some of the finest award winning artists. They have almost 50 years of experience in the tattoo making and hence have a great knowledge and expertise in various tattoo styles.

The Aardvark Tattoo Company is an all custom Portland tattoo shop. They specialize in a lot of styles ranging from Portrait, landscapes to old school and new school. They believe in creating a partnership with their clients to create great art.

  • Dead Gods Tattoo

This team of artists along with this Portland tattoo studio’s co-owner creates a magical spell of tattoo art. They are versatile and are known for perfection in their work. This rare kind of versatility allows clients the freedom to request any kind of custom tattoo and for it to be delivered with precision and perfection.

  • The Little Tattoo Shoppe

The Little Tattoo Shoppe is a single owner/artist run shop in Portland with just two artists. Maybe that’s why they call it The Little Tattoo Shop. This has become popular among people in the city of Portland because of the personal tattoo experience and the environment of the shop.

Ritual Arts Tattoos is a great place to be if one is interested in getting a quality tattoo. This is Portland’s first green certified tattoo and piercing shop, offering vegan-friendly body modification. The queer-owned Portland tattoo studio opened in 2011 and attracts loyal customers who rely on them to provide custom tattoo experience with high quality work.

New rose tattoo is another famous Portland tattoo studio. The artists of this shop boast a variety of styles, talents and backgrounds. For a better insight of the shop, one can go through the portfolio, which would let you know about the styles and the designs.

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