Laser Tattoo Removal

This energy exposure ends in particular destruction of the pigment that is foreign while ensuring minimal damage to the surrounding skin.

Lasers may be employed to remove a variety of tats be it professional, recreational, cosmetic, medicinal, and traumatic tattoos. The different colors present in the tats may react differently to laser tattoo removal, however they do get removed to quite some extent. So laser tattoo removal presents itself as a noninvasive and effective treatment for unwanted tattoos.

Is Laser Tattoo Removal Right For You?

Laser tattoo removal can be opted for by anyone with a demand to eliminate an undesired tattoo. It isn’t the persons physical features which decide the degree of removal but the colors used. Though most tat colours lightened less or more or can be eliminated, skin colored tats may undergo irreversible ink darkening. This may be the case with white, pink, flesh-toned and light brown tattoo inks. Additionally reddish ink tats may turn black. In such scenarios do ask or say yes to a test dose.

Some Facts

Although, laser tattoo removal for sure is the best solution to the unwanted tat woes; it’s got its warts which must be held in mind. A number of them are:

1.Since results are color dependent absolute removal isn’t possible, however you may be sure of dramatic lightening. Recreational black tats respond more swiftly than professional and multicolored tattoos.
3.Doubly treated tattoos may require additional treatments.
4.If the tat is multicolored, it would demand exposure to lasers of several different wavelengths due to the selective absorption features of a specific colour.

Q-switched Ruby Laser (QSRL)

It is a reddish coloured laser which functions best for dark blue and black inks. With tattoos in these colours, results have been special. So far as red and yellow color is worried results have been less than satisfactory. The result of tattoos that are green is changeable. The QSRL is, in addition, effective in treating medicinal and traumatic tattoos.

Q-switched Nd:YAG

This laser functions both for recreational and professional tattoos of all colours. As is the case with the ruby laser, but greatest results have been detected in the event of black tats. Moreover this laser functions quite good for darker skinned people. Also unlike QSRL, which is ineffective in case of red and yellow color, Q-switched Nd:YAG is highly effective for these colours in frequency doubled setting (532 nm).

Q-switched Alexandrite Laser

This laser is rather like QSRL in treating tattoos especially when treating green tats.

Flashlamp-pumped Pulsed Dye Laser

This laser does not penetrate deep into skin due to its wavelength which is 510 nm. When it comes to tattoos that are deeper, therefore it is not so useful. However, it’s successful for the treatment of bright colored tats for example those that use purple red, and orange inks. The major side effect of the laser is bruising.

Post-procedural Care

After the process some blistering and swelling is normal, so is crusting. So do nt panic they will go after some time by themselves. Do take great care of the wound to prevent disease and to help the healing procedure.
To ensure safe and fast healing, make use of prescribed antibiotic ointment with routine dressing changes. Consult with the physician to recommend you some pain killer in the event you are feeling the demand of relieving any resultant pain. Additionally avoid exposure to sun to stop tanning.


Laser tattoo removal has brought an effective, less painful alternative to individuals who would like to get their tattoos removed or faded.

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