Looking for the best tattoo removal Portland, Oregon has to offer?

Tattoo removal is becoming more and more popular as the technology advances and it becomes more affordable for people to remove tattoos with ease. The reasons for tattoo removal vary from person to person, but regret seems to be the most often. There are many other valid one might have, but that is irrelevant.  The facto of the matter is many people find after getting a tattoo, they ultimately end up wanting it to be removed. If you are one of those people looking for the best tattoo removal, Portland has to offer, this post is for you.

While getting a tattoo in the first place is not difficult because are a plethora of quality shops and artists everywhere, it gets a little tricker when you want to have a tattoo removed. There are far less option for tattoo removal and a very huge range varying factors from place to place, including price, comfort, and yes, even quality.

Luckily Portland has no shortage of tattoo removal options. There are a few solid options, but online reputation seems to be the best overall indicator of quality and comfort. Pricing is typically determined after a free consultation to recieve an estimate. So, in this article we will discuss some of the well-known tattoo removal shops in Portland.

1) The UnTattoo Parlor

The UnTattoo Parlour appears to have the best overall reputation out of the Portland tattoo removal shops. This inlcudes here on tattoosportland.com, Google, and Yelp. The have a stellar 5 star reputation, across the board and should definitely be considered if you are looking for a comfrotable environment with friendly, educated staff. Their clients again and again rave about how great their experience was when visitnig The Untattoo Parlor, and how comfortable their were throughout the entire process.

2) Project Erase Tattoo Removal

This is a great place to get your tattoo removed if you are specifcally looking for a decent quality low cost solution.. The charge of this tattoo removal shop is quite less, but the quality of work is still good. Project Erase is a tattoo removal program offered through a Portland based nonprofit. The members of this shop are medical experts and they seem to be the go to for low cost tattoo removal.

3) Oregon Aesthetics

Oregon Aesthetics is another popular Portland tattoo removal shop. This place has a solid repuatation, and qaulity work at a fair price. I have yet to see any complaints about these guys, but they don’t quite have the number of resounding over top 5 star reviews that I’ve seen with The Untattoo Parlor above. They have a few 4 star reviews, but nothing less. With great service, friendly staff, and an affordable price, it might be worth giving them a call for a consultation.

4) Hale Health

Hale Health is a Naturopathic clinic that offer tattoo removal in Portland. For a lot of people this is important, because Hale Health uses the Eclipse Micropen system which is a non-laser tattoo removal solution, utlizing the Mechanized Epidermal Tattoo Removal technique. The verdict is still out on the effectiveness of this treatment, but if this is the tattoo removal solution you are looking for, this is probably the palce in Portland to go.

5) Cascade Tattoo Removal

Cascade tattoo removal seems to be a new-comer on the scene, only being around for 10 months or so at the time of this post. But in that time, they appear to have build a decent reputation. Their website is a little hard on the eyes to look at and makes me a little hesitant at first glance, but they do have a few 5 star reviews and very pleased customers. They sit at the #4 spot because they are still new on the scene, but also haven’t been marked with any bad reviews online yet. Only time will tell with these guys.



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